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Blog Writing is one of the most reasonable, and fastest ways to get started working from home. It is one of the easiest ways of making money online. The technology and the availability of the internet make things easy for people. A person who does not walk with discoveries and adopt them will remain outdated and unfamiliar with new terms and stipulations.

There are large numbers of WordPress themes that are available online for free. So try to get the one which is according to your website’s name and perfectly suits it. Selecting the correct theme is one of the most important jobs to perform. Before selecting a theme, it’s extremely important to agree on which features are crucial and which you can live without.

Unique Content

Try to make a strong content to get maximum customer attention.  You can write a blog post on any topic. There must be a clear and proper understanding of the topic which you are planning to write. Use proper wording and sentences to make your post stand out from the rest. Try to follow the S.M.A.R.T strategy. It includes Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Try to select a responsive WordPress theme

Responsive design means making your website ultra-easy to use, not just on a computer or laptop, but also on multiple devices. This means that it’s well-suited with mobile and has menus and other widgets that are simple to navigate. Through a proper website, people will be able to see blog posts without any problem.

Compatibility of browsers

People run websites and blogs on different browsers. The theme of the website and blog should look perfect on the browser you use; however, there might be something out of order in other browsers. This is where the compatibility of browsers comes in. Most of the WordPress developers check their themes scrupulously by using refined browser compatibility testing tools.


The code legality is also an important factor to consider. It’s advantageous to select a WordPress theme of posting a blog that is coded well and that is certain to load correctly on search crawlers and browsers. One shouldn’t anticipate excellence, but it’s worth taking the time to run themes in the course of a code validator.

Supported Plugins

The actual control of WordPress comes up with a variety of WordPress plugins. All these plugins make it feasible for you to carry out anything with your WordPress website.

While there is an abundance of WordPress plugins, a few of them are must-have WordPress plugins for every website like W3 Total Cache, Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms, etc.

Don’t select a theme with a font that is tough to read

Try to make your blog or website user-friendly. The user finds the website friendly when he or she can look for everything without any trouble. The fount of the website or blog should be easy to read, particularly in blogs. The blogs are designed to share views about some particular topic so if the font is hard to read then your blog is completely useless.

Test the theme thoroughly

Always test your theme thoroughly before presenting it out to the general public. The best way of checking your theme competence is to install the plugin named Theme Check. This plugin will check whether your theme is up to all the current WordPress standards or not? And if not then the changes are made according to it.

Page Builders

Page builders are the WordPress plugins that consent you to form page layouts by using drag and drop user interface. Most of the premium WordPress themes arrive with page builders. A few of these page builders are used by only the builders who created the theme. Using a page builder in order to form landing pages can produce a lot of unnecessary code. If you ever decide to change the theme, then all those pages will entail a lot of cleaning up.


Manage Backups

The managed cloud WordPress services provide complete backup services to their customers. A backup should be made so that you may not face any difficult situation in the future. A lot of situations may occur when there are huge chances of crashing websites. A managed cloud WordPress services will help in saving the website from this problem. By using the cloud-managed Word Press services you can enjoy your day, sleep well and give attention to other important stuff. The website is safe and secure and in case of any difficult situation, you will get a complete backup.

Manage Security

Similarly, security is one of the biggest reasons to upgrade and managed a website and its content. The specialist hosting and the auto-updates means that your website will be guarded completely against the hackers and other types of security problems. People did a lot of things in order to move upward and no matter what comes in their route they will destroy it. The website should be managed properly so that no one can try to harm you and make your business down by doing a few lines of code. It serves as an amazing bulletproof against hackers. The cloud WordPress hosting services help in maintaining the high performance of your website.


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