Top 5 – Rock Solid Ways To Make Money Online

Make Money Online
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Yes, we all know this is among the most searched phrase on the internet “How To Make Money Online”. Millions of people all over the world search for different ways to make money online and thousands of blogs and websites are now available these days, where people can find relevant information by which they can make money online.  

As far as I know,  Making money online is not much difficult as a newbie think, Number of websites and freelancing portal are now available these days where people can make easy money online by providing their service or by Creating their blog’s, Uploading Images,  Videos, etc.

In this article’s you can easily find some easiest and fastest way to make money online.

Before starting my list from where one can easily make money online you need to keep some little things in your mind that, People generally get paid for Values not for their service so whatever thing’s you provide to your client’s, audience or your listeners make sure to add some value’s on it. Try to deliver some good values to your client.

Blogging: Start Making Money With Your Own Blog

This is the first and one of the most popular ways to make money online any newbie can start. Yes, you can make a lot of money through blogging.  You can share your creative ideas, Your expertise, Your hobbies using your blog and share it with the world and make some good amount of money sitting at your home.  There are a number of advertising websites available from where you can monetize your website.  Google AdSense is one of the popular methods for monetizing any blog.  If you’ve started your own blog and you are getting a good volume of traffic then you can easily apply for Google AdSense for your website.  After getting approval from Adsense for your blog you can be able to make money showing some relevant ads to your audience.  It means you can directly monetize your website traffic through Google Adsense.  The more relevant and informative content you post in your blog the more traffic and audience you’ll get.

If you want to start your own blog then you switch to my previous blog post which is focused on

 “How to create your own blog from scratch” the article will definitely help you in creating your own blog and start working on it.

You can either start your own blog using free service from or you can also switch to some paid blogging platform like Wardress, Weebly Or Webs.  If you are a newbie I suggest you to start with a free domain from  The main benefit of paid blogging platforms is that you can easily customize your blog appearance using plugins and free tools, you can create your own email popup and options to grab email of your blog subscribers for follow-up.

Every great work consists of series of steps and each step can be done in succession, Nothing great can be achieved with hurries similarly if you are going to start blogging it will take some considerable stretch of time for everyone to become a ProBlogger.   

Freelancing : (Freelancer, Odesk, Upwork, Fiverr)

Freelancer, Odesk, Upwork, Fiverr are some of the most popular freelancing websites available on the internet where you can easily start your freelancing carrier.  Freelancing is something which you can start directly from your home which doesn’t need anything extra or special setup you just need to have an active internet connection and a working computer and some basic knowledge of computer and you can start making money online.  To become a good freelancer you just need to complete your assigned tasks as per the client’s deadline and the possibility of getting more and more projects and work depends on your client’s previous feedback and your freelancing score.  Every time when you complete any job assigned by your client the client gives you your project fee or you can say the bid amount and rate your work experience.  

If you earn lot’s of good score from your client’s the chances of getting more and more job automatically increases from that particular freelancing portal.  Freelancing portals are really good for those who want to grow their carrier as a full-time freelancer and serve their service to their clients with complete professional expertise.  The chances of getting work from freelancing portals depend on your skill If you have expertise in some professional areas like graphic designing, website designing, Internet research, creating voiceover’s,  Podcasting, software development, coding, etc..  the chances of getting project’s and getting rewards is heigh for you. 

Moreover, if you are good at writing and can create some good Articles, Email Marketing contents, engaging content related to any niche you can get a good volume of project’s from Odesk, Upwork easily.

“Fiverr” Get your job done in just $5 – This is one of the most popular platforms where anyone can start their freelancing account.  You can start offering your service at at just $5. The only thing which you need to do  Is to signup for an account in Fiverr as a Freelancer and post your service in the form of Gig of $5 or more and offer your service to the buyer.  Creating custom Gig’s is also available after completing some levels in Fiverr.  I’m a big fan of Fiverr as I already made $2500 in just 6 months in Fiverr you can check my previous article where I have posted how I made $2500 In Just 6 Month by providing some simple content writing and video creation services to the clients.

Affiliate Marketing :  (Make Money Online By Promoting Product Of Others)

Affiliate is another good way to earn money by promoting the product of other people’s.  Generally, affiliate marketing work’s on the basis of revenue sharing.  If you do not have any product to sell online then Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make some money online by promoting the product and make some sales. In Affiliate marketing, you’ll either get an affiliate commission fixed by that affiliate network or the owner of that product share’s some revenue with you.  Affiliate marketing is not new, People’s are doing affiliate marketing and making a full-time source of income.

In other word’s Affiliate marketing is a simple process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. There are number websites available which are offering their product to affiliate marketers to promote individually. Affiliate market network is very big and the scope of earning in affiliate marketing is very high.

Here is the list of some good affiliate networks from which you can start your own Affiliate marketing Journey.

  • Amazon Affiliate :
  • ShareASale Affiliate
  • Click Bank
  • JVZoo – Instant Commission Platform for Sellers and Affiliates
  • Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network etc.

I’m using some of the affiliate networks and promoting their product’s from my traffic sources. and I believe that you can also earn some good commission from all the above networks.  

Youtubing: Make Money By Creating Amazing Youtube Contents

If you are good in speaking in front of the camera, creating engaging content’s and interest in creating videos for viewer’s then this method of making money is for you.   You can create your own audience by creating engaging content related to tech information, Suggestions, tutorial, Prank’s, hobbies, cooking, etc.  A number of people all over the world using this method to make money online and also creating their audience. 

You don’t need any specific setup for starting your YouTube channel and creating your own audience.  The only thing which you need is a camera for recording your video’s and Mice for professional audio. While starting your own YouTube channel there is some point which should be considered while creating your channel. 

You can monetize your YouTube channel only when you reach 1000 Subscriber count and 4000Hours of watch time.  After reaching this milestone you can be able to monetize your videos. Youtube pays a specific of money to its subscriber it depends on the niche and your CTR. However, the average earning for any YouTube content creator or youtube channel owner was $7.60 per every thousand views.

Dropshipping (Make Money Online With Your Own Dropshipping Store)

Yes, “Dropshipping” This is one of my favorite method to make money online, As compared to another method of making money online this method takes a lot of planning and hard work. This method of making money online is on boom these days all over the world. But in India, only a few online marketers are using this method and they are making huge amounts of profit by drop-shipping.

Dropshipping is far more different from having your own retail store but with a single online dropshipping store you can make a lot of profit. You don’t need to have any physical fulfillment store or to manage your own stock or inventory to start your dropshipping business.  Operating an online eCommerce business is very easy to start when you don’t need to deal with physical products and stocking any kind of inventory.  

The Dropshipping business model is very easy to understand.  You need to have an eCommerce store where you upload products and product details, price, specifications from any supplier or from any dropshipping website like or other.  The only thing which you need to do after setting up your dropshipping website is proper product selection and market your eCommerce website in search engine and social media marketing platform’s to get a sufficient amount of targeted traffic, You can also use paid traffic through Facebook Ads, Google Ad words and other sources.


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