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So you are a complete beginner and searching for an easy way to start your own blog in WordPress platform then this article will definitely help you to some extent.  In this article, you’ll find each and every step which you need to follow for creating your own blog. As we all know Blogging is one of the most popular methods for sharing information to your targeted audience.  Peoples are showing a lot of interest in blogging and most of them are choosing blogging as their carrier for the past few years.

Below in this article, I’m going to highlight the main points which you need to consider while starting your own WordPress blog.

How to start a WordPress Blog In 7 Simple Steps

  • Finding the Niche in which you want to start you blog.

Ie.. Food, Travell, Lifestyle, Tips, Health etc.

  • Choosing an Easy to use CMS Based blogging platform (Blogger, WordPress, etc..)
  • Choose a fast and affordable Webhosting service.
  • Targeted Keyword selection using keyword planner.
  • Understanding Your Targeted Audience
  • Customizing your blog.
  • Content Curation posting
  • Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Blogging is very helpful in creating your own group of audiences and help you to make a good amount of money on a regular basis using different blog monetization methods, affiliate links and much more.

If you have first visited this page then I recommend you to go through my previous blog’s which can help you to understand blogging in a much better way .

Step : 1 – finding the blog niche in which you want to start your blog :

This is one of the most important steps in blog creation. Selecting a profitable niche not only helpful in generating a good amount of profit from your blog but it also decides the future of your blog. While selecting a good niche for blogging it is important for any blogger to identify their own interest and passion in which they are good in. Technology, gadgets, healthcare, lifestyle, photography, etc.

If you are a technology lover then you can present your thoughts, information, tips to your audience in a much better way. Blogging is not just about writing it is about conveying thing’s in such a way that it automatically develops an interest to the blog reader. Choosing a profitable niche decides the revenue and profit you’ll generate in the future through you blog. Choose a profitable niche, create your content interesting and engaging and you’ll start creating your own audience group who follow your blogging technique.

Here are the list of some profitable blogging niche in which you can start blogging in 2020

  • Insurance (life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, term insurance, etc).
  • Health & Fitness (health, physical fitness, yoga, diet for good health, etc)
  • Parenting (parenting tips, it is one of the most profitable niches)
  • Lifestyle & fashion
  • Home decoration & interior decoration etc.
  • Food recepie, cooking.

Step : 2 : choose an easy to use cms based blogging platform (blogger, wordpress etc..)

Cms stands for content management system is a set of software that is used to create digital marketing content’s materials..ie. Articles, images, videos, gif’s etc. Blogger and WordPress both of the platforms are the first choices of any blogger.

Blogger is one of the popular blog-publishing services offered by Google and the blogs are hosted by Google itself. You don’t need to buy any kind of hosting service from any other hosting service provider if you choose a blogger.

One more advantage of a blogger is that you even don’t need to buy SSL certification (https) for your blog. If you want an easy to use blogging platform for your basic blogging you can choose blogger.

WordPress is another platform in which you can start your blog.  WordPress is very popular among the blogger these days as it doesn’t need any kind of technical or coding skill to design and customize your blog style. In WordPress, you can easily customize your blog appearance using a different kind of plugins available out there.

If you are planning to start your blog in WordPress platform then the first thing which you need to be done is to install the WordPress software in your hosting service provider or you can also use self-hosted WordPress from Bluehost. 

As per my own personal experience, using a cloud hosting service is better as compared to shared hosting for blogging purpose…

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