Selecting A Profitable Blogging Niche

When you consider blog writing it is very important to select a niche you are comfortable writing about and is profitable. We usually go for stuff on which we have a good hold on or something we like writing about, but if you want to make money online you have to put an ample amount of time thinking what could be the right niche at which you can compete with the market. There are several tips one can be given while selecting a profitable niche, here we will be discussing some of them, which are significant

Select a topic you are passionate about talking or writing about and have less competition.

During your initial stage of blog writing, you can make a lot of mistakes and regret afterward. One of them is selecting a topic that initially interests you but later it gets annoying to you. So the first thing you need to do is make a list of all the topics that interest you, let it be a long list. Now check your priority topic and see what kind of competition it faces. So, in this way select a topic from your list that has the least chances of competing with big authority websites.

Do serious market research To Choose The Best Niche For Your Blog

This task requires really serious research about market requirements. If your ultimate goal is making money you need to be sure that the niche you are selecting is the one that has a large market, a market that earns you money. As some topics may bring a lot of traffic to your writing but may not bring you that amount of money i.e.

  • free movie downloads
  • WhatsApp tips, etc.

So, you need to make sure that the niche you are selecting has a good number of audience and attractive monetary value. You can do this by studying Google trends. Once you have selected a topic study its graph on Google trends, you need to see if it’s stable, decreasing or increasing. If the graph shows the topic is stable and the trend is rising, hold on to your selected niche you are going the right track!

Make sure your niche is profitable

If the main goal is earning, then you need to make sure that the niche you chose is profitable; there are several ways to do it i.e.

  • The ad-words (Keyword Planner) analysis is an easy way to see if the niche you have selected is profitable or not. You need to see if people are spending an amount on advertising products that include the keywords related to your niche. If they are, you can easily monetize your topic with Adsense ads.
  • Compare others writing on that specific niche and how are they earning? Is that niche giving them a good market and profit? If yes, then must go for it!
  • Product affiliations is another easy and effective way, you can search for some products on various sites such as Amazon for a product that could be sold affiliated with your blog. Selling these products will not only bring you commission but also the customers will be writing reviews using keywords targeting your niche ultimately boosting upmarket of your blog.

Other Factors To Be Consider Which Choosing Your Blog Niche

What is your audience?

You must be aware of your reader while writing a blog. Knowing your audience sets up a target for you. This enhances your ability to convey and deliver your thoughts through words to your reader. If you are not aware of it you can easily know through Google analytics that can present you a graph showing your audience in different age groups.

Does your niche cover a wide spectrum?

This is a plus point if your selected niche covers a range of areas that are beneficial for you. This will not only bring you a large number of audiences different than your targeted ones but also ranges of product affiliations bring you a large amount of profit.

 So, considering all these points and several others from the internet one can easily get a good idea of selecting a niche that sustains and attracts the market. However, once you have chosen an evergreen topic to write make sure you can write a unique and authentic blog on it regularly. Always write a good blog post so that it makes you stand-out in the crowd of experienced bloggers in your niche.

It is really important to note that there might be a chance when you start writing blogs you may receive a lot of criticism that may demotivate you but you must keep yourself consistent and hopeful and do not need to worry about anything. Eventually in no time, if your work is really good you’ll make a good audience for yourself and your hard work will be paid off!

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