How To Start Blogging As A Beginner

Just imagine you are looking for online earning options and someone refers you about opting for blogging. There are thousands of topics out there that are waiting for a writer to be pondered upon by and then sharing their point of view on them in the form of their writing. 

Although blog writing can be very exhausting and overwhelming, it is the easiest platform which can be provided to a person to share their ideas and views about a certain topic. Most people think that all you need to do is grab a computer and start writing, but blog writing is way more than that!

What is Blog Writing?

A blog or a blog post is a simple demonstration of the ideas of any random person, which are written and uploaded to a specific website.

Now, some people start to write because they like the world to know about their opinions, whereas some people want to make money online by writing unique and eye-catchy blog posts. However, earning via blogging is surely not a piece of cake.

It may take a very long time to establish your website and bring traffic to it. But before considering all these details, let’s get an idea about how to write your first blog ever!

So, if you are to start your blog, the first thing you need to do is to find a platform to upload your blog. There are many websites where you can upload your blogs such as,,, and many more. After the selection of a platform, you need to search for a template for your website.

Here, many people get confused about whether they should initially spend money on making the best website, but it doesn’t matter that often.

If you do have a couple of spare dollars to spend on the decorations or the better template of the website, then you can go for it. However, many users use the simplest templates offered and build their websites without spending any money because, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter that much. As soon as you check in with the website and templates, the sooner we can begin writing the blog.

How to write a strong Blog Post?

You can take inspiration from anything you like or want to write about. Think about your hobbies and the things you find interesting around you to take as an inspiration for your first blog. Your hobbies are considered to be the best starting inspiration because you already happen to know a lot about that certain topic and you can easily write about it. Your hobbies can include any certain detail about fashion, lifestyle, sports, travel, and many more. You can also write about your life and everyday routine if you are comfortable sharing that.

These personal blogs can include your thoughts and opinions and you can openly pour your heart out about any topic that is bugging your mind. After you are done deciding the topic, all you need to do is create a catchy title for it. Now, a title is a very first thing that a blog reader reads first so you need to spend some good amount of time and coming up with the best title possible.

You can also use a couple of online title generators to generate optimized titles for your blog post. As soon as you’re able to select a topic, you can begin writing the blog.

Important things to Consider

People often say that they cannot begin blogging because they don’t have a perfect camera. Honestly, a proper camera doesn’t matter that much. If you’re a beginner in blogging and don’t have a lot of money, your phone’s camera is the perfect way to start taking a picture and posting them on your blog.

The only thing that matters in the pictures is the content it shows. I am not saying that quality doesn’t matter at all, but it can be accommodated. If you happen to have some money to spare, you can buy a camera. This will give you some amazing pictures but the main thing that matters is the content of your blog, so focus on it more.

Once you are enabled to start your blogging website and uploading your blogs, you want the people to know about it. The use of social media is a great approach for increasing website traffic. You can use social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram to let the world know about your blogging. We’ll be discussing more it later but the best way is to create a completely new social media account for your blogging website. This will ensure that your privacy and work-life may stay separated from each other and whenever you upload, you don’t happen to bother your friends and family members, those who don’t read blogs that often.

Using social media can also present you with a very helpful platform for letting you know other bloggers and interacting with them.

There are special blogger communities out there that discuss their issues and topics weekly. Multiple blogger groups are available on twitter and it will be very helpful to join those groups and participate in their conversations. You can share your ideas and be known among some high-class bloggers, which will really help you become a highly real blogger. Secondly, always try to reply to the comments that are left on your posts by the readers.

That way the readers feel that their point of view is also being appreciated and it will feel more like a two-way conversation to them. This will earn you a great image and unprecedented respect in the eyes of the readers.


Writing a top-quality blog post is not a difficult job to do. Here in this post, we have discussed all the basics of writing a good blog post. Good content helps in getting more traffic and customer attention. If you are a beginner then this blog post will help you a lot.

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